trying to remember symptoms
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trying to remember symptoms
I think I am having a recurrence of a very rare ovarian tumour even as I know this can't be right as I had a hysterectomy two years ago.
The actual tumour accounts for only 00.05% of OC and tbh it took me ages to actually get Drs to believe my symptoms in the first place.
I have become aware of some of the same symptoms recently but am at a loss to know how long they have been going on.
I have very little communication with the many within and can often be replaced by other parts that take over for long periods at a time and with no knowledge of the tumour let alone of the subsequent operation.
I am waiting for a CT scan ( have no idea how long this wait is as so much has been delayed due to covid 19) but have noticed what I think is slight bleeding. Again I can't be sure it is this as is so faint but am fairly convinced this is the case..
Parts within refuse to believe this and so I haven't told my GP of this latest symptom.
Everything is so piecemeal ..the lack of any reporting within is difficult to cope with and the fear of looking a fool when they find nothing wrong continues to haunt me..even as logically I know something has to be wrong.
Has anyone ever found a way through this sort of stuff?
I have to say almost all parts within refuse to write anything down..none as far as I'm aware really speak to each other and I am only aware of some of them by somehow being allowed to listen but from a distance ( not sure I can explain any better than that)
Thanks for reading
06-18-2020, 09:31 AM
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