Hi from Tora, i'm new
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RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new
Five of Hearts Many of us old folk call ourselves multies. Multiple Personalities. Many of us prefer the old name but like you we don't like the D word. Some people look upon it as a gift. Others just work with what they have, not really using their title for anything but filling out forms.

It doesn't matter what your professionals identify you as. It is how you and your group run with it.

Just never with scissors! Wink
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05-19-2019, 05:59 AM
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RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new
I definitely feel like it's a gift, people. Have done for a while, and i miss people if its quiet for a while. It's only ever made thing better. Especially over the last year when everyone started to developed (or is that reveal themselves) more fully and come into their own so to speak. We actually have a lot of fun together, for us it's a kind of closeness that couldn't be possible with an outside person. If I try to see myself as somehow different or more real it just feels wrong, even tho I'm out so much more than anyone else and I have the body's name. So I know what you mean nats by being the disorder. I feel like I'm equal with everyone else and I honesty can't be sure that I've been here from the beginning even tho I fell like how could I not be.

As far as labels go, so far I've simply been going with multiple but I think I like, Shared Body Experience. It's seems less single centric. Everything around me seems single centric. For example from the outside we dissociate, from the inside we resociate,  but when do you ever hear Resociative Identity Ability.
05-20-2019, 12:51 AM
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