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Hi from Tora, i'm new - Five of Hearts - 04-24-2019

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new - The People - 04-24-2019

Congratulations for getting up the courage to talk about all of you. This is a wonderful place to come when you want to ask questions, learn new things or just chat about the weather. Hope you keep coming back.

RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new - mosaic - 04-24-2019

hello Five of Hearts, welcome to mosaic minds! we have activated your account so you should be able to post on the main street boards. hope to see you around.

RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new - Five of Hearts - 04-25-2019

Thanks mosaic, I'm happy to be here.

I removed my last post because I realise it was completely inappropriate.

I have no excuse.

Apologise to all on this forum.

My head will be properly screwed on in future.


RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new - Five of Hearts - 04-25-2019


Usually I don't have a problem with courage but this time I did.

I like your dragon. I'd quite like to be a dragon.

Heart  Tora

RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new - Chimera - 04-25-2019

Hello and welcome! I’m new here as well. I hope you repost at least some of it. I will admit I had read it but don’t recall all of it. It seemed like a good introduction. ^__^

RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new - The People - 04-27-2019

ifn you post that rong thing they tel you. so mabe jess put itbak.


RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new - nats - 04-27-2019

welcome! didn't see what you posted, but you can always repost intros on the forums Smile

RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new - Five of Hearts - 04-30-2019

(04-27-2019, 05:36 PM)nats Wrote: welcome! didn't see what you posted, but you can always repost intros on the forums Smile

Hi nats, hi people, thanks chimera.

true, nobody told me but i can't put it back coz i didn't save.

re-read the what not to say and thought, i'm pushing that envelope in a few places.

i'll get back into it shortly.

I like the way you can go back and edit what you posted, wish i could go back and take feet out of my mouth in 3D.


RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new - nats - 05-01-2019

lol. how many times i've wished i could edit what came out of my mouth in 3d!

RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new - Five of Hearts - 05-07-2019

OK, I'm back. Paraphrasing what i put in my original post.

Hi from Þóra, I'm new. I like surfing and dancing and I'm a student.

I don't have a DX and have never told anyone outside MM that i think i'm probably multiple.

I've had other people living inside me since i can remember.

There are more than five of us but five main ones including me, hence the name. (and the symbolic tarot meaning of five of hearts)

I never considered multiple until recently when I tried to find out what dissociate means (i'd never heard it before, it was on TV).
That lead me to some websites that described my experiences of having people inside me and since then I've been finding out more and more. 

When I was younger I thought everyone was like me but by the time I started high school I was starting to think maybe everyone else only has one person inside them.

I'd never heard of DID, I had heard of MPD but had a totally inaccurate idea of what it was. I did freak out a bit when I found all the DID stuff.

I had never considered myself multiple beforehand, I didn't know what i was.

Until about a year ago my experience of other people inside me was just a physical presence and thoughts that had there own "sound" but they weren't my thoughts or my sound or my presence.

Then something that I don't properly understand happened and I "met" my alters. Now they have names and I know what they look like. It was like I got sucked into another world where my alters lived, I had no control over it, I didn't like it. I had little control of my body when it happened, I could still see and hear the real world but it wasn't me. It still scares me.

Since meeting everyone things have been better and a lot of my life makes more sense. I'ts like they wanted me to know them properly, not just vaguely.

The five of us are very close, (the rest i'm not so sure about).

I'v herd things about, protectors, nurturers, trauma holders, fragments etc but don't really know if that applies but suspect it probably does, still feeling my way.

The main ones I've met so far are Anna, Hanna, Kira and Tenzi. (plus myself makes five).

Maybe more (i suspect).

I'm not saying I have DID (not my place, it's a DX).


RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new - mosaic - 05-07-2019

that's a wonderful introduction, thanks for reposting.

RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new - The People - 05-11-2019

Five of Hearts most of us struggled with diagnoses. I felt different from grade 7 onward although my youngest is Two(name and age). Most people that I know were in their 30s when they were dxd. I think it is happening earlier for some people due to more awareness but there are still those out there who don't believe. As a result some people waste a lot of precious time with inept Ts. Go with your gut.

RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new - Five of Hearts - 05-17-2019

Hi people

I don't think i'm actually looking for a DX. My gut tells me I may not fit anything that has a "D" at the end of it, or it may be me simply not wanting a "D" attached to my life. Not really sure which one it is. Suppose it would help if I ever want to go down the T road.

RE: Hi from Tora, i'm new - nats - 05-17-2019

the reality is, the D label just makes things very confusing for for many multiples. for example, i don't consider myself to have a disorder. if we're going to be specific, then i AM the disorder... along with the others who weren't here when all this started. it may be true, but it's not helpful.