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Hard to be the one on the sidelines. - The People - 01-22-2015, 10:53 PM
Hard to be the one on the sidelines.
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May trigger  Hard to be the one on the sidelines.
While I won't be explicit this may be MT for some people due to the darkness of it.

3I have been friends although not close with a woman since before I moved here. There have been so many disasters in her life over the last few years. First her best friend died unexpectedly and the husband remarried so quickly I would be checking her blood work again if this was TV.

Her mother had cancer and fought it for a long time and then d**d. The good thing with this is that she made peace with herself.

Her son had hat might be considered a minor injury but it fouled up his career (Masters level and he got lost)

She herself had injuries caused by a fall and never had them checked.

Injured son went on a journey and they got a call from a psych hospital. Days away each way.

I got an email back from her after sending an ecard 9and a sympathy card after she lost Mom). She is doing just fine! She is at peace with her Mom. In fact while she was cooking a meal she felt her mother came over and hugged her (yes AD) and now their souls are attached. The son who went on his journey decided that it was a spiritual thing. Maybe. But talk to a very high % of people who have had psychotic breaks and they feel the same way. Many never get past it.

There is nothing I can do. There needs to be intervention but I am not the one. Brother is not the type to get involved and other family is unstable. I feel so helpless.

She started to study Buddhist ways although remaining Christian so maybe some of this comes from that religious faith but I don't think so. I think she just had too much dropped on her plate and cracked. I would never tell her that. Never try to get her to question what she believes to be true. We aren't close enough and she has pulled back anyway.

So hard to see someone in this state. Instability has been part of the family for years. Dad is a drinker.

I am babbling. SP stuff is about all I can do I guess. But I feel so sad for her.

One might say, who am I to question them but my professional and personal experiences tell me something is wrong.
01-22-2015, 10:53 PM
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Messages In This Thread
Hard to be the one on the sidelines. - The People - 01-22-2015, 10:53 PM

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