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OOOHHHH MG - The People - 10-25-2013

Sno1 We sent out half a dozen poems to a guy who will give feedback on people's writing. Some were too old fashioned writing. One needs to be carved out better (we knew that and wrote it just before sending so why didn't we just... Anyway, he really liked 2 of them. Guess who is the author (dictated) of the one he liked best?

Holds me head. We will never hear the end of this. As soon as we got to the car from Safeway Two came forward. As soon as we got home she started telling it to the cats and about how she was smart to let the bigs spell for her. I am so happy for her. As happy as any parent with an outside child who comes first. We used to come first and she held onto that belief in herself. But she is not mature enough to know the difference between pride and bragging. Ah well. She is allowed to be this happy. Loving her this much is a way of loving all of us.Rootbeer

RE: OOOHHHH MG - nats - 10-25-2013

that's really GREAT!

RE: OOOHHHH MG - The People - 10-25-2013

(10-25-2013, 03:46 PM)nats Wrote: that's really GREAT!

So we keep being told Angel