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I am hoping that we all have things we can look back at years later and laugh. Can you think of something said or done by one of yours that you still giggle about when you think of it. Big or small; if it involved someone innocent life happens as long as you didn't hurt them.

Once when we were in H we were sitting at the fish tank. Watching and staring. Sometimes it would cause a lot of anger to surface. There was a huge box of crayons sitting on a table. Many crayons. Alexa I presume was the one who picked them up and threw them. Loved the sound as it was like smashing glass. She walked back to her room leaving there. Later we were walking by and a woman was being blamed as it was something she would do. We feel so guilty... giggle. She was a PITA and while she may not have deserved it Alexa felt that it was a form of justice. We disliked her for a reason although she was ill and really trying to get her act together. Some people might not find this to be funny. Had to be there maybe. We were.
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