Lock down
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Lock down

So fed up of other insiders thinking they can take control by putting me on "lock down".

I've been locked up since Fri night and only just been let out, for simply speaking my mind. That's so unfair.

I feel like bashing heads together. (But i won't.)

Some people think they are so big and top dog, so to speak. When they're not. We're all equal and should all have our time being out. It shouldn't be one rule for one and another for another.

We should be allowed to speak our minds and our opinions without being punished for it. Don't you agree?

"The human spirit can and will withstand n overcome anythin"
09-01-2013, 12:13 PM
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RE: Lock down

This really isn't the place to start a fight about problems within your system as we know exactly what happened and what didn't happen and could dispute exactly what you are saying here and you know it. I am sorry you are feeling picked on at the moment but maybe if you started to work with your inside family and less against them then maybe things could get worked out where you would find more freedom in the end! I am not going to air the dirty laundry here because that is not what two friend systems do but I ask that you not bring it here and make things out to be a lot worse then they really are. Sorry I'm just sayin how I see it as we talk tons each and every day as two friend systems. Saying you are unhappy is one thing. But saying only half of the truth and stretching the other half of the truth of sympathy is another thing!

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09-02-2013, 10:20 AM
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