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Sad  Stuck
I cannot remember if we wrote about this specific issue here but know we wrote about our writing. We had decided we wanted to explore getting a set of poems published. Here in Canada there are people who are paid to help one with a brief consultation. I forget now what they are callled... Writer in Residence. I found 2. Emailed both of them. One stated that she had no time while the other stated that she had no experience with poetry but if I sent 5 in she would have a look.

They came back with a bunch of red writing on them. (triggering) And then she asked if I had thought of trying free style. Apparently that is the style of the year, well maybe decade. I write in every style.. Whatever comes into my head. I have always received positive feedback on my work. Well except here and in a class that I took. But I was sick during the class, the poems were very dark as they were written when I first moved here and nothing was good.

One guy actually said "I don't like any of them". The @sshole was supposed to be a minister. Others found good things to say about some of them although one could tell that the negativism was hard to take. Poetry is often dark. But not all of mine are.

Anyway, so here I sit, unable to write a word of that nature since being red lettered. Reminded me of when I was entering a contest and showed the poem to the mother "don't be surprisedif ya don't win" was all she had to say. I didn't.

So all of this is rambling around in my head and I have writer's block. At the same time that is the risk one takes when they put their work out there for someone to read.
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02-03-2013, 03:54 PM
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RE: Stuck
i've tried three times to formulate my thoughts and feelings... i'm actually angry at someone presuming to critique something they by their own admission have "no experience with". arrrrrrgh

we hope you can find your poetry again.
02-04-2013, 10:56 AM
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RE: Stuck
putting our art and ourselves out there and opening ourselves to 'negative feedback' is one of those truly difficult things. criticism and rejection stinks, no matter how well-intended or useful in the long run. have no suggestions on how to make it better. what we found is it depended on how badly we wanted something published, whether it was worth dealing with the pain and unpleasantness of people's opinions.
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02-04-2013, 01:21 PM
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