My take on the world as it has become
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May trigger  My take on the world as it has become
I wrote this to fm minutes ago. I've added to it. Something has gone wrong with financial arrangements, which I wasn't supposed to know about, but I found out. It hasn't hit the fan yet, but if it does, I don't know. I'm handling it differently than I would have in the past. At the very least it's an irreparable breach of trust, on top of others.
Comes on top of other things from just about every aspect of my life going wrong, and some things so beautifully right, mostly to do with good relationships with neighbors, and with myself. Some of that might find its way to another thread if I find the words.

It's like a chaotic business as usual in this country and elsewhere. Something has gone very wrong with humanity.
I'm beginning to feel like the one person on the jury who disagrees, with cause, especially when it comes to exportation of economic resources (i.e., jobs) abroad. Every once in a while, someone mentions this. I think it takes a certain amount of age to see progress and deterioration, due to experience.
I've mention global economics because it yields an excellent barometer of how high and how low human behavior can go. Right now, "cost effectiveness" is used to cover previous and current dishonesty/greed with a cruel solution, "austerity," that has been proven not to work. Both are used to squeeze energy out of rocks or people. This mentality touches everything. The medical community, where the human sp. and science should go hand in hand, is shattering. That joining of ancient and new didn't widely happen, though it seemed that it would.

No matter what one believes in, a fundamental part of it is goodness to one's own, and to expand that if it is possible, outward, one of the ultimate generosities.

I remember from a scene in Alice In Wonderland (Johnny Depp version), when the war was ended but the Red Queen wouldn't accept it. No one would obey her. Everyone dropped w**p*ns.
What immediately came to mind was that I was so accustomed to wars, never mind the political circumstances, that I had forgotten that warfare is not the normal human condition. It's a regression to something else.

I thoroughly believe in maintaining strong armies for a number of reasons. I respect the mentality of a soldier -- a self-possessed human being who can think for himself/herself and knows how to defend. The development of concepts of justice (not vengeance) and mercy, according to each person's abilities, hopefully with leaders who know the difference and can make honest judgment calls.

I would call myself a devoted atheist. I can talk like a theologian, but make it clear that's not what I am. I don't need to have people agree with me. I can see how others might reasonably hold opposite beliefs and I listen to their hearts. It hurts me that when others listen to me and come to like me along those lines, they can become nasty, indifferent, or aggressively try to turn me their way, because I don't believe as they demand. It doesn't help that I can't hold a lot of info in my head, and never could. A generalist. As far as specifics of what I'm working with, that doesn't belong here.

I personally define faith as a belief, or set of beliefs, so compelling to a person or group that it is for all intensive purposes a statement of fact to that person and group. Often, one will defend it with one's life. Doesn't go much further than that.

letter excerpts, with changes:

You'll travel your way into whatever oblivion or solution awaits the rest of us earthly creatures. I don't find fault with that. Everyone is doing what is according to their nature.

People have to stop fighting each other, amongst other things. There would seem to be a self-destructive biological imperative going on, masquerading as survival mode. Apart from type of reality and its limits, my framework is that things develop as they do without the divine, sometimes like fractals (a concept which leaves me in the dust early in the game). Sometimes I lapse into a Babylon V scenario. Cause and Effect (Newtonian physics) has its place, but is not my focus. They all can coexist. That's the funny part. I remain an atheist, but can say this without belief in God (or an ev*l equivalent). There are other ways to think, especially if one doesn't hold to universal oneness. I don't need all the answers. Consciousness is one of the mysteries.

I don't know what I'm fighting (translates for me to -- what energy, derived from what life form. I know the living human beings with whom I am at war.). I'm losing, and so is the planet, imo. It's the same fight.

This is not the final product of my thoughts. I have taken care not to offend, and am not setting up for a debate. I'm exhausted, and have no tribe/clan/family, as fm would call such things. Some years back, I had a talk with a cognitive psych. professor in California. It was an informational interview (or when you're inquiring about the job climate, even without a specific plan in mind). He wanted me to go for a Ph.D. He also said I needed to find like-minded people. I did, but wasn't ready at the time, and they passed before I recognized their significance. Martial arts community failed me. I didn't fail them. It could be that the man I met on the train, as wild as he is, was someone I could have made that bond with (I had that seriously in mind too) but things went wrong. I still hope.

I'm jumping rocks in a stream, as I must get Somewhere.

"Even the very emptiest of the emptiest
Has a false bottom, a false bottom."
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