Update on PDoc challenge
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Sad  Update on PDoc challenge
My GP just called. So far he cannot find anyone to work with me. He is not suggesting that I go to the last one but the complexities of my issues make it difficult.

For the ED alone I could be referred to a group. The Ed issues come from the teens. They are sooooo not cooperative group settings. This results in switching and a mess.

Surely to God there are other people with DID and ED. I have met some here. My biggest issue is that too many PDocs don't believe in DID. I am on a disability pension and need a form signed every year to keep the money coming in.

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07-28-2020, 06:08 PM
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RE: Update on PDoc challenge
I'm sorry to read this.
I know I have parts with EDs..parts with phobias and parts that can SI/SH..so yes there are plenty of people with both DID and EDs as well as people with all manner of different MH issues..we are,after all,many people in one body!
I agree with your verdict there appears so few pdocs that believe in DID..as if anyone in their right mind would make this crap up and as if all evidence is wrong..my personal belief on this subject is that this widespread disbelief is due to there being no medication specifically for DID..no Big Pharma making mega bucks out of a MH problem ( and perhaps Pdocs getting some form of recompense for prescribing meds?)
I also think I may have landed on the wrong planet Smile
07-30-2020, 01:31 PM
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