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f*ck*d up.

In the USA there has been a while 'Black Lives Matter' movement. While black Canadians have faced a lot it isn't nearly as bad. The people who have it the worst are the Canadian Indinenous people.There is so much judgement against them.Yes,some livethe lives that people assume they have but they have such dark histories. From the time that Canada became its own country, the Prime Minister ordered that the kids from the familieswere to be pulled out of their homes, placed into schools where they were stripped of their language and culture.Bad things happened and went onforgenerations.

People don't hear that though. I know people from that culture and their view (which could well be true) is that people weretrying to euthanize them. There is little or nothing to discredit that theory and there is almost nithingin history books.Inever even knew about the schools untilImovedwest as an adult.

We all know how trauma messes up so many generations. Somehave come out on top but others just cannot get past it.

The other day my PDoc went off on a tangent about "them." People with any level of intelligence know that words like 'them' and 'they' people are being lumped into one group.

She had talked that way before. This time I had enough.I told her that I was changing the subject. She apologized for upsettingme.

That night Iwrote her that Iwouldn't be seeing heragainbecause of what happened. She wrote me back and wished me well.

My T wrote and said that I should find another PDoc. Unless my doctor would other follow up.He is rather off the edge himself soI wrote her and asked her for a referral.

What did she say?

Maybe I could come back to her and teach her about Indeginous people. WTF? She didn't know anyone she couldrefer me to.

Sounds like cover your *ss. I thought and thought about it but I can't do that. Plus she is an educated woman. A Irish one as she came from money along with whatever her salary is.She can hire a tutor.Icannot do that.

I don'thave any Indigenous blood but have connections who do. My first little sister was Metis. She is grown with teenagers and is a great Mom. One is quite ill.

I have friends who are professionals. There is good and bad in every culture. Every town.Every family. It is not my job to teach that to a woman who is a specialist the natureof things. She doesn't help memuch anyway. She knows nothing about DID. I went to her for the ED. It is complex because more than one alter is involved. So lately when I have a binge and tell her she says "that's too bad." She serves no purpose. So why should Ibe her tutor?
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07-19-2020, 05:36 AM
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RE: This is so
To be honest I think your Pdocs approach is totally unprofessional..not only is she unable to help with DID she sounds useless at EDs too..many of us with DID have more than one part that has significant EDs and to be told " thats too bad" really isn't good enough.
Her own prejudices against various racial groups is can she treat any one of a certain colour when her views are coloured by her ignorance?
I find it truly alarming that this woman is allowed near people.
As for being her "tutor" on this subject...yeah....don't think so!
07-21-2020, 06:41 AM
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