I went walking with a friend today
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Friendship/Support  I went walking with a friend today
She is someone that I always enjoy time with and we chat about all sorts of things, never going too deep with things. She made me a mask and I wore it. I am used to walking alone so it was her job to keep the social distancing up. It was a bit cool but perfect for walking. Hybernating is not good for mental health. Even is one worries about the dreaded C it is still good to get out of the house,
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05-09-2020, 07:17 PM
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RE: I went walking with a friend today
you are right it is good to get out of the house. i know everyone has been advised to "shelter in place" but going for a walk is essential for keeping up one's spirits. luckily there are three dogs in my household so getting walks in is easier to do - the dogs get extremely restless if they don't get a walk.
05-10-2020, 08:31 AM
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RE: I went walking with a friend today
I am in the "shielded " group which have been advised to stay indoors and avoid all contact for 12 weeks (or perhaps more)but have chosen to go out once a day as I have a dog that must be walked and frankly feel my mental health ,let alone my physical,would suffer hugely if confined to my house.
I believe many scientists are now saying you are actually better off outdoors than in re catching this virus ,plus I have read many reports saying Vitamin D is essential in fighting C19
Glad you managed to get out.
05-10-2020, 09:07 AM
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