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To The Newbies
Please come back! MM has been down for a bit but that is a rarity. Prior to that, the place has been quiet but if more of you stayed around that could change. We used to be a very busy place and MM has really been a great help to me.
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04-25-2020, 07:32 PM
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RE: To The Newbies
I am a relative newbie here and can see the lack of posts will slowly kill this site. Not sure why it is I haven't posted much,used to be on another site and had over 10,000 posts to my name...
Think in part its due to not "knowing" any one here yet.
So...I am in my 60s,am polyfragmented and I am in the UK.
Whilst I have a working knowledge of DID I still remain largely ignorant of my own condition. I have little contact between parts and none are willing to give a name although most (if pressed by whoever presses this sort of thing) will give a job description of sorts.
I am not in therapy for DID..partly because over here its difficult to access any and partly because I couldn't bear the idea of it. I have found sharing my knowledge with others who have similar disorders has helped me identify my own parts better.
Hope by posting this it will attract others to post too
xxxx M
05-08-2020, 11:59 AM
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