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Happy  oh oh i forgot to share
on March 19 i did my dissertation proposal defense. that's where i did a presentation on my proposed dissertation topic to my dissertation committee.

because everything has shut down because of COVID the presentation was done virtually on a webpage called ZOOM.

it went really well (i wish the smilies worked for me but they dont. i would put a huge smile here).

the committee asked some really good questions, and gave some really really good feedback that will make the study go well.

i always hate how they call it a "defense". that makes it sound so adversarial. but in reality they were there to help make things better, not to tear it down.

i've made the needed revisions to my chapters, and now my committee chair and i will work on the next step which is getting the study through the IRB committee (that's the committee that reviews all proposed research to make sure it is not something that will harm the research participants).
03-24-2020, 08:19 AM
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RE: oh oh i forgot to share
Smile That is awesome! You sure have worked hard on this. How far you have come! Not the hard work part but the school part. I still remember the grandmother who stayed at home sewing dresses for her granddaughters. There is nothing wrong with that but it took a lot of guts to change your path. You must have a very strong internal compass. To make a smile you do this : and then you do this ) . Funny. Learning to smile in 3D takes practice too.
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03-25-2020, 04:38 PM
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