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PLEASE READ: Policy on Community Conflict
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News/Information  Policy on Community Conflict
In a community as diverse as ours there will undoubtedly be personality or other clashes between community members, or perhaps between community members and a member of the Administration Team. Mosaic Minds would prefer that conflicts between individuals be resolved between themselves. In the rare instances where that may not be possible, the grievance policies stated below may help.

Questions about Posts Removed
Should you require a further explanation of the reason for the removal of a post than what was noted when the post was removed, the first step would be to contact the admin who removed the post. An email address should be left on all "post removed" notifications. Should the explanation given not be satisfactory to you, you and the admin who removed the post would then each ask one other admin to review the post in question and offer their interpretation and opinion. The final escalation would be to contact the Board of Directors to request a policy review.

Conflicts between Community Members
Within the community there may be conflicts involving two or more community members at times. When this occurs, it is necessary to resolve these conflicts via private communications. The public forums are not the place to raise these issues. You, as a community member, have a right and a choice to communicate or not with any other community member. You may request that another community member not post to you; however, it is the responsibility of the parties involved to honor that agreement. Should your request not be honored and the other party does post to you in an appropriate manner, you have the option of adding that party to your 'Ignore List' found in your User CP. However, you need to keep in mind that these are public forums where all members are welcome to respond appropriately within any thread. Mosaic Minds enforces a zero tolerance policy with regards to harassment of any community member.

Conflicts between Community Member and a specific Admin
Should you feel that you are being singled out for unfair treatment by a member of the Administration Team, the first step would be to contact the admin in question via email. Should you not be able to resolve the conflict in this manner, the next step would be to request the intercession by another admin of your choosing -- again, using email.

We realize that Mosaic Minds will not meet the needs of all survivors and/or supporters. There are many sites which offer similar community forums. We would suggest that you research those other communities, should you find that Mosaic Minds does not meet your needs.
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