KA happy of las night
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KA happy of las night
You woch basketboll there? We ben woching it this playoff time. KA right into it. She woch at home most times. Nabor com lisen at dor think we fite she yell so much here. Ref chet. we lose las game by 1 poit. They figer it out after game. oh well.

las nite bigs go to bar an woch las game. bigs frend of tok to much go too but she woch game not tok. ka rAase fist we scor. she laff we scor agan. she gron when they scor.

in the end raptors win of 4 points there.i confuse what happen last part but it good.We the North! Canada so asited! Frist time of win.
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06-14-2019, 04:21 PM
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