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Video  I don't run into posts
I am watching a documentary about highly sensitive people. It is quite interesting and not to be confused with introversion. It is more about intensity.

They use Alanis Morrissette as an example. She is a Canadian singer/songwriter if you are not familiar with her. She talks about a HSP - highly sensitive person - as being the emotional person in the front row.

Apparently HSPs cry easily. While I wonder if I am an HSP I know that I am not typical in that crying wasn't allowed. hat I don't cry. So I am I a HSP? However, as with many people with DID I was taught at a very early age that crying wasn't allowed. Just wondering now how much this has to do with being DID. 'I can't cry so I will pull someone forward who block the tears.' Just a thought, It is an interesting topic.

The title about not running into posts has to do with sensing. Is that part of being highly sensitive? We never pay attention to where we are going when we are walking. But suddenly we turn and are inches from running into a telephone pole.
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RE: I don't run into posts
we sometimes run into posts. not often though, given how oblivious we can be to so many things Smile. as with anything, HSP might be what you would have been naturally but were trained not to exhibit particular traits. so, call it atypical HSP if that feels better.
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