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Encourage/Support/Hugs  My kitty
I have had my beautiful black kitty for 2 years plus now. She has some signs of Siamese in her. Last night she came for a cuddle. I had always thought that the backs of her ears were brown. I finally examined them closely and realized that she has been frost bitten.

I had been having a tough few days. Hard T session. (Two says "I'm not doing that ladder thing anymore times.") It was a time line and a word picture of ugliness. We went dark for a bit. Bad eating and drinking.

After discovering these marks on my poor baby's ears it was as if our bond grew closer. We both have scars. Mine don't show like hers but she has probably forgotten about being outdoors for too long. I find that, in my limited experience, cats who were abandoned appreciate you more. They are more cuddly. Mind you they too eat too much.

When I got her I was sad that the pretty grey kitty had been spoken for. The woman who had come to take him home stood beside me and pointed out the black kitty who looked like she was ready for a home. I decided to take her and went off to pick out the things I needed while the staff assembled her carry box. I went back to pick up kitty and the box. The woman had paid for it. I think she was an angel.

We just love her. Two looks after her, feeding, cleaning and playing but whoever is out cuddles her when she wants it.

I feel as if I developed a deeper bond with her last night upon finding that her ears weren't brown after all. I think she feels it too. She stayed with me for a long time and rather than fighting with me to get up today she just snuggled in with me. I just love her!<3. The lights are back on. Smile

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RE: My kitty
this made me smile to hear how close you and your kitty are.
01-26-2019, 11:14 PM
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