Trying to not be DID
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Trying to not be DID
I've disappeared because I'm trying to not be DID. I decided I didn't like this and I wanted to stop.

But it didn't work. At all. I just don't want to be multiple anymore.

It has been two years since we were diagnosed and I till can't come to terms with it.
11-25-2018, 11:34 PM
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RE: Trying to not be DID
I am sorry you are going through that Shadows. I think that we all have been there during the early years after dx. Over time most of the others that we know learn to like who they are. Learn to appreciate the fact that what we have is a gift. Who knows what would have become of us if we didn't build a wall around ourselves to keep as safe as they could do.

We are very fond of our littles. Especially Two although she is a little yapper at times. Perhaps you can try to connect with one of the others. Either one that you are close to in age and values or a little one who just likes to be herself. And keep coming back when you can. Even if it is just to say that.
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11-26-2018, 06:07 AM
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RE: Trying to not be DID
hi Shadows. i'm sorry you are struggling so much with who you are. it's a major life adjustment to accept, that's for sure.

i think the people have a good idea in trying to get to know one of your others as a way toward acceptance. and keep coming here to talk about it... you will be heard here.
11-26-2018, 10:02 AM
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RE: Trying to not be DID
Hey Shadows: Years ago I decided I was fed up being a multiple. So I created this secret execution chamber inside myself and killed off all my alters. I really thought I had found the answer to the whole DID puzzle. It worked for about a day. Then, they came back, and none too pleased with me either. It's hard to be a multiple, but believe it or not, sometimes it can be a blessing. Not always, but sometimes. There are a lot of hard times too, even just the part where you know how different you are from most other people. However, sometimes the trick is just finding a way to take a disadvantage and turn it into an advantage. Easier said than done, I know, especially when you're struggling and hurting. Know that here you have people who at least understand better than anywhere else - a community of those who "get it". I hope that helps at least a little. Hope you're feeling better soon.
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12-21-2018, 10:16 PM
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