Need options and to feel heard
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Need options and to feel heard
We are living in student housing in an area of CA,USA that is still 97 degrees F during the day. We have central Ac but the thermostat is on the second floor and the roommates don’t want to pay a higher bill so they keep turning off the AC or leaving it at 90. The heat triggers migraine and has made us black out once. We have asked the school about putting a window AC in our room but so far all requests have been met with “ talk it out with your housemates”.

Our idiot mom controls our money so she’s insisting we continue to talk to the school higher up instead of just purchasing a portable AC. We are scheduled ( mom scheduled it) to meet with the head of housing on Tuesday. We are scared. If she won’t listen there’s no where else to go. As soon as we are out of school and no longer need her help, she’s going to be told to take a long walk on a short pier preferably with a full field pack!
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10-01-2018, 12:50 AM
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RE: Need options and to feel heard
Can you get a note from your doctor with regards to your issues with no AC? If this is a health issue the school needs to take notice. And the mother. As for no place else to go if head of housing doesn't listen, she has a boss. As well, there must be a student services office on hand that you could go to in order to explain your problem. Nobody is without a boss. I understand people not wanting to pay power bills for a/C but this is California and to live without it would be sickening.
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10-01-2018, 12:57 AM
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