Have your littles done play therapy?
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Other/All/Unsure   Have your littles done play therapy?
Two wrote an old T that we chat with online. She was telling her about how much she hates the play room. She and Peak have both had reactions to play therapy. Present T says it is designed that way. Have other people's littles had such a reaction to play therapy? Two plays with the kitty and has major conversations with everybody who is not in the room. She is fine with that. But no play therapy or they get majorly upset.
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09-28-2018, 05:01 AM
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RE: Have your littles done play therapy?
my littles haven't had play therapy, but i have taken some courses in play therapy and your t is right - play therapy does bring up stuff for the kids - and it can be difficult for them.

i don't know what kind of play therapy your t does - there are several varieties. in the type i was trained in, playing with the kitty (a stuffy in the room?) constitutes play therapy too... because the child leads the way.
09-28-2018, 09:14 AM
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