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RE: Reaching out
Hello Collectively US. I am sorry that your personality system is in such an uproar right now, but my experience with this sort of thing has been that it is usually for a good reason. Many of your personalities are reacting to a situation that they view as negative or intolerable to them, so they are expressing themselves quite vociferously right now. Whenever this has happened to me, I've found that getting an impartial third party opinion has been crucial in putting things into perspective for the whole system and especially for the main host. The best third party would be a trusted therapist preferably one who knows you and is aware of your DID. He/she will be able to take in all the information about your current situation and frame it for you in a way that will help make sense of things, and also help you arrive at a decision if a decision needs to be made. Deep down you likely already have an inkling of what's the best next move for you, but to hear it from someone you trust will help solidify your decision and give you some confidence in executing it. In the meantime, just the act of making arrangements to consult with the third party may satisfy your personalities sufficiently that they may give you a bit of respite from all the turmoil.
I hope this helps you out a little bit. Best of luck and please put your personal safety first whatever it is that's happening to you right now.
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06-19-2018, 04:39 PM
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RE: Reaching out
Thank you cammy your right on that one to be sure. At the moment I have no professional help so ive had to talk those third parties outside my situation that knew about me and my DID and they all said the same thing as my alters did. I am safe now if not in yet another slightly wired situation.
06-25-2018, 12:31 PM
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