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I volunteer at the cancer hospital once a month. It is partly in honour of my sister but I also enjoy it.Bring cookies and coffee around to outpatients and their guests. I want more shifts. Twice over the past 6 weeks, I had to leave and come home. There were too many people there. Two other women have been added to my day when it is supposed to be 2 at a time. Then today they had a guy training. Why are they training more people when there are more people than shifts now? It is supposed to be 2 people at a time.Any more and it becomes overwhelming as we would be tripping over and asking patients what they wanted over and over again. With 2 we can stay organized.

The woman from my church who has organized this subgroup has been told that 4 is too many. She is one of these people who doesn't like to be told anything.

Today we had more snow to sweep off our cars than we have had all winter. My feet got soaked as snow fell into my boots. I don't sleep well the night before out of fear that I won't wake up on time. None of the roads on the way there were ploughed so it took twice my usual time to get there.

I feel taken for granted.
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01-26-2018, 01:49 PM
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