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May trigger  mom
just tried to be real with m*m. Should know better by now... when confronted with exact quotes she and her SO have said she can't own it. she said a few yrs ago I was the reason she couldn't move. so now when I say I feel like a burden because she said it...can she own it or at least say " i don't remember saying that but if i did i am sorry"

No of course not... she just said " well actually we are stuck because of (other relative here)".

OH ok so when you are with them do you say it's really me?

NOTE to self NEVER make attempts at realness with the foo. you will only hit head on a wall afterward. and be given chr band-aids
Favorite Quotes:" I didn't mean to be brave. It happened when I panicked"
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" the Only difference between Bravery and stupidity is the context"
09-10-2017, 04:57 PM
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