Dealing With Headaches
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RE: Dealing With Headaches
Shadows- this journey is often scary because we do end up finding parts of ourselves that are alien to our current host. This is precisely why the journal is important, it will help you come face to face with the others, and of course, they won't feel like they have anything to do with you. I know how much courage this takes, but the fact that you've already found stuff in your journals that seem alien to you, may well be a good indicator that you are indeed making contact with the others within you. Not all of them are going to be pleasant, but they are a part of what you are and in the end will want to have their voices heard. The safest way to let them express themselves is on the written page - it is a far better medium than to just have them act out. I feel like you are on the right path if you can continue to be brave enough to write in this manner, even for a few minutes each day.
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