Disguises to go to the drug store
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Disguises to go to the drug store
Months ago when I was taking in my prescription the pharmacy tech was not only rude to me, but she also outright lied about the availability of a drug. When I asked to speak to the owner/pharmacist, suddenly she stopped me, checked the computer, and lo and behold, the drug was available. Funny how that works.  There is a big sign in the drug store that reads that if you have ANY problems at all, to please speak to the owner/pharmacist who I will call Bob. So I wrote Bob to let him know the issues I've been experiencing, and especially the lying. There have also been issues with my meds. I also check with the College of Pharmacists and found out that the number one thing in their code of conduct was to be professional at all times.
      I wrote a very polite letter to Bob citing my concerns. He shocked me at his response. He didn't even acknowledge that I had been lied to (all I wanted was an apology), but he went into this ridiculous song and dance about how he has certain constraints on him on how he can order his drugs, and a whole bunch of other intelligence insulting crap. The College of Pharmacists I wrote and told the story without disclosing the pharmacy involved. They pressed me three times to turn them in, but I saw this as a personnel issue that Bob should have handled had if of had the balls. I dropped the whole thing, and I told Bob to please just drop the whole issue. But did it end there? No.  He evidently told his entire staff about me - so much for putting PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL on the envelope I gave him. Now the whole staff treats me like this big PROBLEM client, and I am not. I could have turned them over to the College, but I took the high road.
      Long story short - I now go to the drugstore in disguise to  pick up my meds. I have moved a lot of them to another drug store, but I am having so much fun with this disguise thing that I can't help myself. My uncle is an ex-counter-intelligence agent, and he is impressed by my ability to do this. I love it. It's like Halloween now everytime I have to pick up my meds. I guess my younger personas are quite alive and well when it comes to this. I keep a pictorial catalogue of my different disguises, and they are getting pretty sophisticated. I guess I've found a new hobby. Everyone needs a hobby (LOL).
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11-18-2016, 12:12 PM
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RE: Disguises to go to the drug store
Glad you turned it into a mind game for them instead of getting totally pissed off and moving everything away as I would have done. Is there a code name name the drugs LOL~
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11-22-2016, 01:50 PM
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