To med or not to med
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Sad  To med or not to med
For months we have been chronically tired. We have had chronic fatigue in the past but this is different. We saw dr today. He will run blood work but he said that while it is the chicken - egg thing it sounds like depression. I think he is right.

The thing is that meds don't work for us. If they do for the first while it is like climbing the side of a mountain and then slipping. You finally get your footing (from the meds) but suddenly you slip again and fall down lower than where you started.

Plus I get side effects from pretty much every med. Hell we even took a pill for heart issues. Palpitations and high BP. Sooooo depressed. Dr. took us off them and everything returned to normal plus we leveled out mood wise.

I don't know what to do. Poc brought out antipsych drugs a few times. Let'ssee. We gained 50 pounds on one and had migraines. Shortness of breath when we were very fit on one. Slept 24 hors straight on one and woke up feeling like sh*t. With our luck we would wake up with hair on our palms as there aren't many side effects left that haven't done something negative. So we are afraid of them. But
some days life just plain sucks. Most days lately. We will just cry and cry for no particular reason.
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06-09-2016, 02:15 AM
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