We did some volunteer work today
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Doing okay  We did some volunteer work today
Cities across Canada have something called Homeless Connect twice a year. Today was my first time volunteering at one. People who are homeless or who lives on the edge get to have an amazing meal. There are also dentists and hair stylists, massage therapists, lawyers, people helping with taxes....

It was an amazing event. I did a half day and never sat. Others did but they could eat the food that were being served. After 4 hors I couldn't feel my feet as they were leaving without me. But what an awesome day!

Such events remind me that, no matter how bad my life is, it could be much worse. Do I worry that it will go that route? Of course I do. But on days like today I am in the present and just clearing tables for people and taking jugs around to dump unused coffee or 'juice', chatting with people and talking to their kids until they smile. I love this sort of volunteering.

Not everybody is in a place where they could be part of such a group. However, I highly recommend some sort of volunteering for an agency that helps people, supports a cause or makes people focus outward and away from their issues. It is really therapeutic!
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05-15-2016, 11:03 PM
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RE: We did some volunteer work today
sounds fantastic!
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05-16-2016, 05:49 AM
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