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My PDoc has brought up the topic more and more carefully and less and less often but she is a strong believer in it.

I have fought against it for the duration of our time together (over 5 years) for a number of reasons, some of which are rather pathetic. They are as follows

- Fear of group settings for these types of things.
- Challenges to using workbooks/worksheets for reasons I don't understand. I am a writer and yet getting into stuff like that causes panic. I have bought workbooks in the past and they end up in charity boxes or given away. Maybe I can work on the whys of this with T.
- A former friend did it and it changed her life according to her. Frankly I don't like the person that she has changed into. Complete snob. Well, I think the snob is her guise because I know she has insecurities but she has ways of bringing attention to herself. I used to be jealous of the fuss people made over her when we lived up north together. She is actually a selfish b*tch. In case you haven't figured it out, this was the silly reason I have avoided it.

Have others done DBT and found it to be useful? I know some people do the tapping which is another form of mindfulness to my knowledge.

I found this on a DBT page and found it to be interesting. I think it is something I could use. I do find music to be a calming influence. I listen to all types and look forward to attending the symphony at the end of the month.

1.If you’re an auditory person, music can be an effective tool in reducing muscle tension and calming your mind. Nostalgic music, that is, music that calls to mind a sentimental experience or psychological comfort, can aid in creating a calm effect. Choose a piece of music that has some nostalgic component to it. Listen to the music with your full attention. As you listen notice the different musical instruments, the lyrics (if there are any), and the tone and tempo of the music. Allow yourself to experience the warmth of the nostalgic feeling. Let your body grow heavier and more relaxed as you listen.
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