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Doing okay  book update
I continue to plough through. I think I am almost finished the first run through (and that is discounting the do overs) and recognize gaps in my writing. So I work on that. I imagine there will be a lot of cutting and pasting as I start to edit.

Mosaic I did take note of your tips. Especially my penchant for writing in half sentences. I think that habit formed when I started using the internet for social purpose. Saying more with less. It doesn't work as well in a book.

As well, I registered on the eread sections of the bookstores where one can post stories online and there is no overhead. I don't want to go that route with this one but have 2 series of short stories in various stages of undone. Perhaps I shall move further ahead as my number moves closer to the top as there is quite the wait list to get a spot.
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10-16-2015, 02:49 PM
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