No End then..?
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Sad  No End then..?
Feeling the pain of my heart breaking again
So that's the way of it then
This will always happen when
We remember all those we've lost

This torment - a Living Thing
Never will go
Attached to our Soul
Won't ever allow
Our Heart to be Whole

Thot it was gone
But it comes then it goes
Always returns
Like Daggers and Burns

Is it our Fault ?
Were we Bad ?
But we gave Everything we had
Did we love too  much ?
Is that even possible ?
Maybe it's cuz we're so Broken
That's more than Probable

How could it end like this
We were a Loyal Family
Now it seems
There's no such thing
That I can see

On this Earth
We will never be Free.

09-30-2015, 05:34 PM
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