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Question for Igraine
Previously you mentioned that someone you know is doing a study for Phd. Topic was people who have bad luck without promoting it. Like they don't skydive to break a leg. Instead get stitches from running into a box of litter - clean. Even therapists have picked up on the fact that we have more bad luck than your average person.

Do you know that person well enough to ask about research material? We Googled it and all we came up with was a bunch of theories on making your luck or the settings of the planets. Neither fit with my situation.
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09-19-2015, 07:12 PM
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RE: Question for Igraine
Several years ago the graduate student doing his thesis for his PhD was developing a test that more finely feathered out the degree to which the already diagnosed DID patient had DID. There was no specific study relating to whether DID sufferers had more accidents or misfortunes than the general population. I'm afraid that was the extent of his work at the time. I do not remember his name, but there is a possibility I might be able to retrieve his name from my T (who referred me to the test if I wanted to volunteer for it). If this type of information is of any interest to you, let me know and I will attempt to get his name for you. I believe his specialty, however, is developing measuring instruments (tests), not just for DID, but for other types of disorders.
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10-23-2015, 04:37 AM
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