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I'm Tommy. Not sure how to compose a piece about me. Im doing ok in my recovery, its still daunting at times. So looking for support and friendship really. Just started a new relationship with this most amazing woman, and I amquite worried I will self sabotage or not be able to control a trigger.

So though I would post on here. If you want to know anything else, just ask.

08-11-2015, 03:35 PM
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Friendship/Support  RE: new
Welcome to the forums, Tommy. It's nice to meet you.

MakersDozn (MDs)
08-11-2015, 05:42 PM
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RE: new
Welcome to MM. Look forward to getting to know you on the boards
"You may not remember what someone says or does, but you will never forget how they made you feel" Mac Anderson.
08-11-2015, 11:18 PM
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RE: new
hi Tommy, welcome. if you're not quite sure what to say that's fine. we're all that way at the beginning Wink

hope to see you round the forums.
Blush Learn how to manage conflict, because the greater the level you can tolerate, the more freedom you will retain - E. Walsh Smile
08-12-2015, 03:37 AM
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RE: new
Welcome Tommy. I hope you keep coming back and chatting or just reading. There are great people here and while nobody but you has answers for you we often brainstorm with people when they run into problems with stuff. You are fortunate to have found someone and I hope it works out.
I Am My Only Chance For A Hero!
08-19-2015, 02:42 AM
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RE: new
Hi Tommy - I just got married in February and it turns out my husband is multiple as well. We have together managed to find out what triggers the other, and as long as the relationship is based on caring and love, I believe that two people will be able to find ways to work through these unique challenges. That is what my experience has been. I didn't tell my husband that I was a multiple because at the time I just didn't feel that it was an issue in my life. In fact, I had actually forgot that I was multiple and it didn't even occur to me to mention it. All in all, our mutual love and respect for each other has overcome any difficulties that have popped up. I think it might be important to not deliberately hide the fact that you are multiple if the relationship starts moving forward into more serious areas. When i reflect back on my courtship, I never once thought to tell him about my multiplicity because I had truly forgot about it (it was SO stable for such a long time). If I had remembered I was multiple, I would definitely have found a way to tell him, but it is not something that I would tell him at first. Personally I would let him get to know me first in order to let his experience with me as a person dispel any stereotypes and myths that the other individual may possess. But, I would never have married him while deliberately trying to hide the truth about my multiplicity. Sorry I went on and on, but my wishes for other multiples is to have successful personal relationships with other people. It would be such a shame for damage to a potentially successful relationship to occur because of not telling about the multiplicity.
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09-13-2015, 08:05 PM
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