Not sure where to go with this
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Other/All/Unsure   Not sure where to go with this
it is a combination vent/issue. Has to do with hypervigilance and picking up on things others don't notice.

Very late to bed this morning. At 4 am as I was crawling in I caught a scent. Bad, bad. Occasionally I wonder if there are cat scents left behind but, as I explored I realized it was coming from outside.

In a round about way I ended up talking to the fire department. They sent out trucks. I had TOLD them that the odor was coming from outside so when they landed at my door they were not getting in. I repeated what I had said previously. It was a sulfery smell and it came from outside.

"Well that is a long ways away!" was the only explanation I got and I do not know what "that" is. I didn't imagine it. I wasn't drinking. The wind must have shifted.

There have been other instances where I smell things that others don't. I remember walking out of work one day and someone commented that it was supposed to rain later although there was no sign of it.

"Yes you can smell it moving in." The girl was stunned that I could pick up that scent. I think part of that is growing up near he ocean. Smelling the sea meant that a storm was blowing in. But I now live on the prairies.

Anyway, I feel both stupid and angry now. I did smell it. I didn't know if it was dangerous. The fire dep has probably red flagged me.
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06-20-2015, 08:43 PM
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RE: Not sure where to go with this
sounds extremely frustrating.
06-20-2015, 10:57 PM
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Friendship/Support  RE: Not sure where to go with this
Well, if the FD had a problem with you calling, then they're in the wrong line of work.

There's a radio PSA campaign currently playing in the NYC area. If you're at home and smell something that smells like rotten eggs, you should get out of the house and call 911. Smells like this, the ads say, may indicate a problem with a gas line.

You did the right thing.

06-21-2015, 09:39 PM
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