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Opinion question. Think this is right board
Today I was watching a TV show where the neuro-psych professor/ crime solver is talking about Freud's theories. Acknowledged that he was a bit of good and bad he went on to talk about consciousness.




I wrote someone and asked where she thought blocked memories belonged. At first I thought unconscious but then I did some thinking and decided on the subconscious. While people may go through their entire life without remembering anything bad there are few who feel no impact from the bad things. Smells or noises set them off. Higher levels of anxiety which may lead to self medication in many and varied ways. Some of this recedes or decreases when we get to the conscious level. Some, not so much.

Over and under achievers.

Fear of too many things for it to be just nothing. etc etc.

Curious as to opinions of others. I think I will use this in my book as I get to the memory part.
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