Length of dx
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Agree  RE: Length of dx
We agree completely, cew. Our goal is what you described. As long as each system gets to decide what's in its own best interest, we're all for it. It doesn't help anyone, whether singleton or multi or anywhere in between, to be forced to conform to preconceived expectations that don't necessarily work.

04-19-2015, 06:43 PM
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RE: Length of dx
I am soooo relieved to have a place to "talk" about my reality with other humans who have similar experiences.
04-20-2015, 09:56 AM
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RE: Length of dx
nicely said cew!
Blush Learn how to manage conflict, because the greater the level you can tolerate, the more freedom you will retain - E. Walsh Smile
04-24-2015, 04:27 PM
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