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News/Information  Re Letter - 2 parts - Please help
I had a discussion with MD about writing some agencies that might be willing to front us some cash. Below I made lists in 2 parts. Part one is what the site provides that makes us unique and the other is how we would use any money. As I said to Nats IMO the letter needs to go before admin before being sent out but I feel that community members should have an opportunity to give input.

Please take some time to read both parts of the letter and provide any idea that you can think of that would improve the letter. This is for the benefit of the community and you are part of the community whether you dug your heals in when we started as Divided Hearts or if you just started coming by a month ago.

There is no guarantee that anything will come of this. While the site is international I am in Canada and the base of the site is in the US, mostly because the people who step up to work as admin are from the US. It is open to anyone from anywhere however
03-12-2015, 08:36 PM
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