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Caution  kitty and voice
We have had a good week or 2, really recognizing some things which has caused us to feel lighter and happier. Now kitty is sick. She drank a few sips of water but just hides most of the time after pausing for an ear scratch. At first we tried to pull her out but now we will just leave her. Avoid stress.

Someone talked last week about a negative inner voice. We never noticed before that ours was strong but she is blaming us for this. Because we have been getting out and having some joy in our life. This is our punishment. Sometimes the cra cra alter of the mother saw things that way but we don't think the voice is her. Maybe it is just our own stinkin' thinkin'. But wish it would shut the f*ck up!
03-09-2015, 07:10 PM
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