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Angry  Why do people do that
A few months back I wrote, all excited because once again it seemed as if someone was offering me hope that she would assist me with setting up some sort of support group for people with DID. The purpose was not for therapy. It was to help pull me out of the emotional isolation that I live 24/7 because not matter how nice a friend with they don't get it. In reality the only person who gets it is another multiple.

I just wrote again. Told her that she could have at least had the courtesy to respond to one of my emails even if she is busy. That I will just add her to my long list of people who can not/ will no help me. f*ck her.

Also mark this sad and having a bad day because weather changed suddenly. Need to stop yelling at my cat but she won't f*ck*ng shut up.
02-17-2015, 09:31 PM
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