Setting up for a new beginning
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Doing okay  Setting up for a new beginning
I looked into volunteering for the Boys and Girls Club months ago and the communication was so poor and I wouldn't be starting until now due to this and staff changes. Often non-profits are getting kids fresh out of school to fill their positions so they are still in that learning curve. I am too old for that sh*t. Well the elders are anyway.

Today we went on Go Volunteer and it has a really good set up. I found something I would be interested in doing and just sent off a letter and resume. We are excited because the work is in the field that we got paid to do for over 20 years. We will start off slowly and add on hours if we feel that we are up for it. I am pumped. So tired of sitting at home.

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RE: Setting up for a new beginning
this sounds like a great fit for you. hoping you hear back from them soon and then you can embark on your new adventure.
01-12-2015, 07:22 AM
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