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May trigger  a steaming note to politicians MT
Dear gov people,
I'm in a chair because my <i>legs </i> don't work my brain is fine. probably have a higher IQ than you fidiots because at least I know not all disabled people are low functioning. So please take youre f-ck-ing policies that treat me like I need a babysitter and put them where the turkey stuffing goes!!! there is NO reason any state agency needs to know what meds I take who my drs are etc.

By the way, if I choose for some odd reason not to have food in the fridge that's my choice.Maybe I eat in the school cafe, maybe i'm on TPN maybe i'm just acting very short shortsightedly as all people occasionally do. All fully cognoscente adults should have the right to make poor choices. Doing so and learning from it is part of life. How the hell would you like it if I came to your house and critiqued the contents of your fridge? ( to people on MM reading this: we do have food of course but, we are annoyed that because we use wheelchair there's a law that our pcas have to check if we do)

i only need pcas to clean my house not micromanage my life. some disabled people might need micromanaging I don't. Quit treating all of us the same! I'M MY OWN CONSERVATOR OR TO PUT THAT IN WORDS YOU MIGHT UNDERSTAND I'M IN CHARGE OF ME. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE F-OFF AND GET YOUR OWN LIFE MINE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS
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11-18-2014, 09:01 AM
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