Well here we go the full intro
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Silly  Well here we go the full intro
I am Diana with much protest for the other segments.
I am one of 4 personalities that have been living in the same body for over 30+ years .
When I woke up it was some scary stuff. I didn't know who I was; I was in some strange guy’s room and freaked out when I saw the mirror. I was found by our mom crying on the floor of the bathroom. I had no idea who she was, she got me to the ER and they said I had concision. But about 6 hours after we left the Er David woke up. Imaging loosing control of you body, but it was never yours in the first place. After like 3 days of screaming for them to let me go, CD and Joshua, got me calmed down and explained that I was the 3rd one to show up. We have had a good life together. And I know I exist.

My wife accepts it and from what I gather she kinda likes it. The main is David he handles the day to day thing like making sure that the body get sleep. We have operated it till the point of collapse multiple times. We all have to inform him if we ate or bathed or leave a note if he is sleeping.
I'm Diana and currently using it, I love painting, drawing, poetry, I'm the romantic one of the bunch and have the highest sex drive so I take care of that part of our life too. I write poetry when I'm on my off time, when I get control I'll write it down. Most of the time I just snuggle with our wife when I have the body. Me and her get along great. She hated the fact that I can sing better than her. (And in a woman's voice if you were wandering). I like pop and country and love Katy Perry (They can't stand her).
Joshua is the philosopher and is a flamboyant gay male (and wants me to say he is religious) you don't care none of us do, he is the history buff and into documentary and boring stuff. He Cooks like a dam cheff. Joshua is into classical like Beethoven (think that's spelled right?). We don’t get along that well.
CD is kinda the lawyer and scientist and will only let me type CD or he'll give me a headache for the rest of the day. He is a like super brain when we got an IQ test as a kid he smoked it we got above a 150. He know more about useless **** then you would ever want to know. He's a big Sci fi geek too. He like all techno weird Japanese stuff, I don't speak it.
David does wood working and crafting with his time and is really good with machines and stuff. I had to wake him up the other day because my wife computer froze. (I petty much just us Facebook and the phone most of the time.) David can't drive the car that well so CD does it for him. He is into heavy-metal and guns and roses and stuff.
As far as controlling the body goes We all get it at different time it depends on who needs it, And when David has to sleep one of us takes over. The body needs like 4-6 hours or he's says it will collapse. But I've watch him play that dam playstation for like 36 hours. We can also do what David calls riding shotgun where we see and hear every thing but can't puppeteer unless whoever is in control lets loose.
We can meet internally too it's hard to explain it's like there is this board room with a black table and some nice chairs. Me and Joshua have hung out and watch show or talked from time to time. Joshua and CD will talk for hours in there. I think David might be the original and I might not even exist. That what these website have been telling me
We found this site the other day after we got caught having a conversation out loud by our 5 year old. We prefer to talk out loud that way everyone takes turns. We can talk internally but it hard for me and Joshua to keep up. David and CD can have entire conversation in the blink of an eye. Mostly when I'm not in control I go threw the memories like last week I watched like 3 season of Charmed while David was at work (we can go thru memories and stuff it's kinda like that DVR on our TV).
I just started talking about this and will try to answer any questions you have please ask it feels so good to talk about all this. It gets lonely when you’re stuck in a body with 3 guys that don’t like to talk.
11-18-2014, 06:12 AM
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RE: Well here we go the full intro
Hi Diana. Welcome to MM. This is a great place to find support and talk with people. It is hard when you find places that say you are not "real" and we want to let you know that you are indeed REAL. It is very nice to meet you.
"You may not remember what someone says or does, but you will never forget how they made you feel" Mac Anderson.
11-18-2014, 09:58 AM
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RE: Well here we go the full intro
welcome to MM Diana. great to have you here!
Blush Learn how to manage conflict, because the greater the level you can tolerate, the more freedom you will retain - E. Walsh Smile
11-19-2014, 04:15 AM
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RE: Well here we go the full intro
Nice intro. You are writing so you must exist I think. we have been coming here a long time. numbers don't matter. jest each person inside do. its nise you hava table there for meetings. some of ours wouldn't come. this started with a teen but now I am peak whose 6. we have 2 kittes.

we coant do nona those things like drow good or make wood things. my bigs rite stories poems etc som people like them.
I Am My Only Chance For A Hero!
11-19-2014, 08:23 PM
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Friendship/Support  RE: Well here we go the full intro
Welcome to the forums!

11-20-2014, 12:03 AM
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Friendship/Support  RE: Well here we go the full intro
Welcome, Diana (and David, Joshua, CD)! We look forward to getting to know you!--"orek"
11-21-2014, 12:53 AM
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