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May trigger  Marked MT but positive note
Also includes some sp but only as the setting. Mention of a perp. No descriptions but will scroll.

I went to church today. My friend's husband just became a deacon. He gave his first sermon today. I have known him for a few years. Prior to this he was working with p@rps who were released from jail. The goal is to keep them from repeating.

When my friend went through his ceremony the client was invited and showed up. When my friend saw him the former client said "I'm proud of you". With my friend's support he has stayed out of prison for almost 2 years, first time since he started into this crap.

My friend told of the man's horrible ugly childhood. I don't think I need to elaborate but he as never wanted or loved. My friend was probably the first person who sincerely cared about him. It does not excuse what he did but it explains it.

I just emailed the friend who gave the sermon. Told him what I thought of it. Add that it brought me a step closer to forgiving some of those who hurt me. It was a real learning experience. Not something I haven't known but it was the first time I heard it presented in this way. Or maybe it was just the first time I was ready to hear it.
06-30-2014, 04:06 AM
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