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Heart The other night I noticed that my feet were swollen. I have noticed it in the past but ignored it and it went away. This time it only got worse. It leaves my feet when I put on my runners but goes up to my ankles.

I saw my doctor yesterday. He says that I have a missing beat in my heart. This is not a murmur; have had these before and told him so. Came home stressed and had a nap after having tests done; the first stage. Played on FB and then napped. I was wakened by a weird cough that usually comes just when I am dropping off.

(There go the f*ck*ng sirens again).

I attributed the couch to my asthma but now see it as being different. Has gone on for ages but I never thought to tell anyone. As I was walking from Safeway today I noted that same cough and remembered that this is not unusual either. Just one bark. Like a jump start.

I am scared. M cat knows something is going on as she is around my feet every time I move. I yell at her and then feel guilty.

It is at times like this that I hate this city, hate having such a f*ck*d up family that turning to them for support is unheard of and friends who just tell you everything would be fine without saying "can I do anything?"
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