Further to last weekend's ceremonies
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May trigger  Further to last weekend's ceremonies
I talked just below about the upset I felt surrounding these ceremonies of release. Today I was able to sit and talk with a woman with Treaty status who was a leader in some of the groups. Ironically they had a white woman from Toronto leading a group for which this woman was more qualified given her equal education and her status. However the powers that be always decide what is right for others. That is how this mess ended up happening to begin with.

I came home and napped. When I woke up something occurred to me. That part of my upset was to do with one of the kids. Not being able to tell her story. I shall end there except to say that I have written yet another letter to the Bishop down there. They are 're-building the church' and my comment was that, as long as they hide their freaks they are just building a house on sand. I need to let go of this all but don't know how.

BTW, the friend told me that while the other churches were truly apologetic the RC nun in her group gave it lip service like she was apologizing that they got strapped. My words not hers. Joke.Angry
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04-06-2014, 12:06 AM
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