Next Year Will Be Better
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Sad  Next Year Will Be Better
That was a series of short stories I read a long time ago - Maeve Binchey author. I remember sitting round about here last year, talking about how it was going to be a brand new me in 2013. It didn't happen unless you count the downhill spiral. I saw PDoc today and when I got home I cancelled appointments with her and T because the time is so wasted. I am sure PDoc is relieved. How can you help someone who feels that there is nothing that can help them? I tried so hard. Celebrated my birthday. volunteered. Stood up to people who bullied me.

And here I sit with a bad foot and then I fell coming from PDoc today. My foot is still numb and now my hips are wacked from the fall.

I did do some writing this evening. And I ate a real supper. Cooked a turkey breast in the slow cooker along with veggies. I bought it for Christmas but it didn't happen.

So I do the right things and still nothing comes out right. So hard to keep myself from doing the wrong things but someone has to look after the kitties.

I fought with the landlord and Alexa gave notice. But we don't want to move. Only he is so pissed off at us that he wouldn't give us another chance. So I have started packing and cleaning as I don't want to be doing everything during the last week. It is freezing cold out and icy and the snow hasn't stopped since October; more already than we had all winter last year.

Next year it will be better. Please!

And a better new year to everyone else who might be hanging around.
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01-01-2014, 01:26 AM
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RE: Next Year Will Be Better
it's hardest when things stink for a really long time. sometimes there's just no reason. our new year's resolution is to act like the kind of person we want to be - hoping it will give some focus during the stinking times.
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01-02-2014, 04:04 PM
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