Thinking of the Pirate Friend
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Thinking of the Pirate Friend
Two has made up her list for JOE and sent it off. She wants a purple blanket for the bed and a red hoodie. Both are colours that protect us. As she made this list we thought of you and hope your JOE list is made and that you, Gre, Chan and all the Pirate Family get what you need and want. Some things are not possible of course. Two and Peak still ask for own bodies and another trip to Disneyland (they were only peaking out when we went many years ago although George jumped out and came home with us)

Still miss our friend. Also we don't hear from Unsher.

also pirate frend we get som gluten free choklit there here. that frndd of santa who help him well serch for gluten an milk free we not get sick. other trets she fin som. wat crismas without trets.

also we go snosoing here. there nuch snow. I think the pirate frend like this mens of travel. JOE bringd us them last year. KA pikd them

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11-20-2013, 06:18 PM
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