precocious system kids and daughter dearest
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Doing okay  precocious system kids and daughter dearest
we hang out on tumblr a lot. kinda part of the DID community over there. We have several blogs, on for DID and system stuff, one for fandoms and such and one for RPing. We have our daughter dearest to thank for introducing us to tumblr and for getting us involved in the RP community.

Well our multiple blog has several side-blogs, and one of them was designated for the system's kids, if and when they decided they wanted to use it. today shayna (who's 7) proved just how much those little buggers pay attention to what us "older" folks do. she decided to fix up their blog. She knew how to upload a picture for the background, heck she knew where to find it on the computer! And, while she doesn't really understand the coding aspect, she has at least picked up that numbers are usually colors and that #fff is white and #000 is black, so she changed some of that so that you could see posts better on the background. She was VERY proud of herself, and after fixing those things she promptly uploaded several old school MLP pictures and posted them! :p

We had no idea that our system kids had been watching stuff that closely. well shayna at least. prolly some of the others, too. *shakes head* we think she has a right to be proud of herself. There are a lot of adults who don't even know the little bit of stuff she knew how to change in the html css coding. *grins* when our kids decide to do something, they go full throttle! Smile

I don't know that the "old guard" mentioned it, but daughter dearest is living with us now. She's 18 and she's taking a year off before going to college. She's been living with us since April. And it is really cool. We have a really awesome relationship and I'm so glad she took us up on the offer to come live with us when things got so hard for her over at her dad's place (I'm learning my ex's gf can be a real b*tch and her dad doesn't stick up for her near as much as he should. makes us SO mad!)

She also has taken us being multi in stride. I mean, we'd told the kids about our psych dx's a few years back, but they were only coming around for weekends then. Now that she's living here she's seeing a lot more. She's very accepting and if she knows who's around (like one of our kids came out one day to blow blue bubbles outside while our floor was being done) she doesn't have any problem adjusting to either age-appropriate behaviour (like cussing less if one of the system kids is around) or using the right pronouns (When she knew Matt was out she flipped to using "he" without hesitation).

We have a LOT in common. We like a lot of the same music and books and tv shows, so we end up having lots of interesting discussions. She doesn't think she's smart, but she's actually very intelligent. She's very upfront and bluntly honest. and now we can badger each other to remember to eat, or to go to bed, or to sit down and take a break.

The only bad part is we're pretty sure she's prolly bi-polar, so we need to help her find a psychiatrist so we can get her dx'd. She doesn't want to because she hates being on meds, but she's slowly realizing that she'd rather know than not know. It might affect her career choice.

Being a mom with an "adult" kid is very different. Her dad said that he knows we're friends as well as parent and child and yet we don't cross lines with her. It had never been our intention to be a "cool" parent, but for some reason our kids think we are cool. Well, they think we're freaks, but they're freaks, too and they know it so it's all good. Smile Besides, in our vernacular being a freak IS cool.

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