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Other/All/Unsure   chronic illness
We have been having an extended lupus flare, the worst we've had in several years. We've been having to wear multiple braces (ankles, knees, back, wrists and left elbow) as well as having to use crutches whenever we go out. On top of that we have been having cramps every couple of days for the last two weeks because of the ovarian cysts. Sad

Has anyone else had to deal with suddenly having significantly more medical issues? In the last couple of years we've learned we have far more significant medical problems than we once thought, and those of us around these days have no idea who the people around before us dealt with this level of constant consistent pain.

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10-20-2013, 02:51 AM
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RE: chronic illness
(10-20-2013, 02:51 AM)Dreamscapes Collectives Wrote: .. and those of us around these days have no idea who the people around before us dealt with this level of constant consistent pain.

remembering those around before saying they didn't usually feel it - sorry, not very helpful, but glad you guys are back...
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10-20-2013, 04:15 AM
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RE: chronic illness
We got slammed after going through some trauma. But it was an issue that had been around forever. Celiac disease. After fighting with doctors for 30 years we figured it out ourselves when symptoms got to be extreme. Damage is done. BTW Lupus cane be caused by Celiac just an FYI. It is hard as the disease stripped the body of nutrients so now we have chronic fatigue and issues with digesting food. Part of it is aging. Part of it is the body not being cared for - ever.
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11-24-2013, 03:32 AM
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I'm new/Introduction  RE: chronic illness
hi dreamscapes (sorry if wrong sp)

We have always had medical stuff because of history.
Since we were old enough, we have always been involved in a particular team sport, often several times a week.
3 years ago, noticed major pain after a minor collision (in round 2,) so minor it didn't stop the game or require medical attention, and we played on for the rest of the season. The collision triggered something autoimmune, that we were not aware of. Until then, we didn't feel much pain.

We are now in a wheelchair if we require mobility beyond the furniture.
We have just conceded and bought a bar stool so we can sit and wash dishes etc
We are dysfunctional, and juggle high doses of pain medication with pain tollerance.
It took 18 months or more to actually be believed (and not a junkie) a surgical procedure and a diagnosis.

Didn't see any of this coming, because the body also remembers so if necessary, distinguishing between them is for a persistent doc who then makes the 'watch & wait' call, or 'act now' call. We consider doc patient and admits "don't get it" but listens and is there for the physical stuff.

Sorry you have Lupis which has flared up, there are several complications, it is worth google and a doc who knows lupis giving it a check. Ceialac disease is just one of many. It is not wise to just assume this because the required diet has its own complications.

12-07-2013, 04:01 AM
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