two things from two there here
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Sad  two things from two there here
frist my kitte blak is getting old. bigs sed. she lose som tef. se get more mad angry now. tanite she mad of bigs com home late. they put dry food no wet fpod. they bisy I head jest ferget. she com to pee on bed. she upset of self after but bigs fell bad hert her felings as she old. not shor asacly how old. 14 15 somthin. she a spca kitty of two they think wen she comed to us. I werry of her.

second. bigs rite new t ast her qeston to help somon. new t rited bak that bigs nise. if this tru how can people alus get mad of us. one wat usta be bigs frend of sorts.. well she herted bigs an they not forget then one day they asplode. rong time. not ever tell of why they hold mad thing she not done,. bt it hert bad. so ever time she ferget abot us er somthin it like ferget to feed kitte. alexa throw out pee wrds like that. make sense? so idfn we sech good ones how com we don't have frends. how com we end up so crazy. how come life suck so much. a few weeks be the dark time agan ona the long ones., I hate that. like that song says bigs puted on front page we gota keep are eyes wide open.

but mostly wery abot kitte. I ast god make her multiie so she not get older but he never lssen anaways so there. two and peak who both tok this nite both sad. goodnite bed time
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09-28-2013, 02:09 AM
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Friendship/Support  RE: two things from two there here
Sorry to hear about your kitty. It is hard when they get older. I have two cats that are eight years old. I also have a four year old dog. Pets are very special.
I understand about this time of year. I think I will plan something fun for my children and I so that it won't be so scary. Maybe go out and buy our favorite foods and perhaps watch a funny movie that night.
Hope you have a good night!
09-28-2013, 07:53 PM
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Friendship/Support  RE: two things from two there here
hay peak n two

i soree yur kitee not feel gud

i soree owtsid peepl meen 2 yur bigs

yoo got frens heer at mm

i thinkn yoo got owtsid peepl frens 2

sumtims we 4get cuz of sum meen peepl but not evree1 meen lyk that

david hoos 5
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09-30-2013, 06:02 PM
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